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AD1 the Movie

AD1: episode 01~


In the first episode meet arnold and hear "The Happy Dance Song" by Low Five Mike and the Mexican Swingers in the opening credits.

AD1: episode 03~
Cupid Strikes


Arnold comes face to face with the love of his life, homecoming queen Mindy McBrothel. Cupid gets involved.

AD1: episode 05~
Mindy Dies


Mindy bites the dust, and Arnold tries to hide the body until he can figure out what to do next.

AD1: episode 07~
Disposal a the Homecoming Queen


Arnold and Charlie discuss how to dispose of Mindy's body, but there's a problem... Her body has disappeared.

AD1: episode 09~
Here Comes the Fuzz


The Cop who pulled over Arnold's sister Melanie for speeding has located her car and entered the home. Arnold believes the officer-of-the-law has arrived because he found out Arnold has killed Mindy.

AD1: episode 11~
Because I'm a Nerd, Mom


Arnold finds Mindy's body and puts her in a pillow case. However, when his mom sees the pillow case, she thinks it's dirty laundry and unknowingly takes the body down to the laundry room.

AD1: episode 13~
Is It Live? Or Is It Mammories?


The character Chad confronts his ex-girlfriend Mindy about her feelings for Arnold. Confused about the title? Then find out more in the upcoming episodes.

AD1: epsiode 15~
I Love a Buttery Muffin


Father McGuinness makes his first appearance, and Charlie finds a way to insult him by telling not so appropriate jokes.

AD1: episode 17~


Arnold's Mom and the Cop discover the body of Mindy in Arnold's bed. Will Arnold confess? Father McGuinness also makes an appearance.

AD1: episode 19~
What the *?!# ?


Strange kids and a sister in the bathroom. Want More? Subscribe to:

AD1: episode 21~
Houston, We Have a Problem.


The line between reality and the movie has just been blurred. "Chad" is crazy and now the actors, director and crew have to find a way to work around the issues.

AD1: episode 23~
What's an Oedipus?


In the words of Keanu Reeves, "Whoa". Everything has been leading up to this point. To understand better, watch the previous episodes on this page or subscribe to

AD1: episode 25:
The Finale


In the Final episode of Arnold Dinglemeyer Part 1, episode 25, things are "resolved".
At least until "Arnold Dinglemeyer part 2"

AD1: episode 02 ~
Mindy Meets Mom


Meet Mindy McBrothel, the girl of Arnold's dreams, as she is "welcomed" by Arnold's mother.

AD1: episode 04 ~
Bad Memories


Flashback to little Arnold and exploding dad on the toilet! And, why did Mindy break up with Chad? Find out in Episode 4 of Arnold Dinglemeyer!

AD1: episode 06~
Heeeere's Charlie !


Charlie comes to help Arnold dispose of Mindy's body. But how will they do it?

AD1: episode 08~
Oh My God! It's My Mom!


As Arnold and Charlie looks for the dead homecoming queen's body, Arnold Mom (and sister Mindy) come into his room with some Lemonade and cookies.

AD1: episode 10~
Ooops, I Did It Again


Charlie, after trying for so long to date Melanie, is given his first chance when she asks him to "help unload the groceries". Unfortunately, Charlie accidentally insults her. Chad, Mindy's ex-boyfriend, makes an odd entrance.

AD1: episode 12~
Dirty Laundry


When Mindy's body reappears, Arnold fears for his life as his Mother and the Policeman enter his bedroom.

AD1: episode 14~
Arnold Assaults An Officer


Word Asociations. Arnold assaults the Cop with a pillow. Mom needs help buttering the muffins.

AD1: episode 16 ~
Confessions Of a Dangerous Mime


Arnold confesses his sin of murder to Father McGuinness, and Mindy reappears to Arnold (again). If this was the play, it would be the end of Act One.

AD1: episode 18~
Token Minority Handicapped Bob


Charlie brings his token minority handicapped blind firnd to see if Arnold would like to buy a pair of tickets to a show.

AD1: episode 20~
Princeton University


Mr. Havaseet from Princeton arrives for his interview with Arnold, but obstacles such as Charlie, Melanie and a "dead" body in the bed could complicate matters.

AD1: episode 22~
Love, Expostition & Continuity


You may have to start at Episode # 1 to fully understand what's happening in the scene.

AD1: episode 24~
Life is Good


Things are almost complete, but when "Arnold" mistakes Chad's illegal narcotics for his own medication (in the previous webisode), things get a little wierd. What a long strange trip it's been. To get a better understanding of just what the heck is happening, catch all the previous episodes of "ARNOLD DINGLEMEYER"

AD1: episode 26~
movie credits


These are the credits to the film "Arnold Dinglemeyer". Webisodes now exclusively on YouTube